SUPER TOUR 14 – Cruisin’ the Coast – 9/26 to 10-10 2016

By Chris Travers with an assist from Will Willis…

Yes this is a long read but heck, we were on the road for over two weeks!

1st a little background on the F-100 Super Tours. Mr. Bill Lee, a real F-100 hero, invited a group of his F-100 friends to go to East Tennessee to the F-100 Super Nationals to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original 1953 F-100. We had so much fun and established such great relationships that we decided to do the same for the anniversary of the 1954, 1955, and 1956 F-100, or as the promoter of the F-100 Supernationals, Pat Ford, would say, ”those ugly old fat fendered Fords.” The friendships, fondness for each other, and fellowship became our glue and in 2007 we did the monuments of Utah, 2008 the Oregon coast, 2009 the wine country around Fresno, Ca, including Yosemite, 2010 the Black Hills of South Dakota, who will ever forget the drive to Wall Drug. In 2011 we went to Yellowstone, 2012 the GREAT state of Arizona, 2013 San Diego, CA, 2014 Branson, Mo, 2015 Santa Fee, NM, and in 2016, the Mississippi Gulf Coast. Somewhere along the way, we determined that our F-100 or street rod was not always willing to make such a trip so we became F-100 and Friends, or “run what you brung.”


Join us on this 4,500 mile trip from the O.C. to Biloxi Mississippi and back. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did. We came from all over to start the tour. Will Willis & Lynette Fisher came in from Lake Havasu AZ with Bob & Geri Ross while Brad & Shirley Romaine joined them for lunch coming in from Quartzsite AZ. Chuck and Shirley Lagneaux from Tucson AZ met up with Chris & Christine Travers from Cerritos CA and our big surprise, Anthony Grieco all the way from Farmingville NY! The first “Scheduled Stop” on September 26th was to be White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.

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There was a slight delay in getting there as Bob had some fuel delivery problems… not enough if you know what I mean. Lucky for Bob Anthony was towing his transport trailer and we found a station and all filled up under the watchful eye of Rambo. Anthony gave Bob a “hand”… I think they were trying to find the gas tank or something.. Shirley found a roadside repair manual for the guys to study. img_6338 img_6341 img_6335
After the unscheduled stop, we made it to the White Sands National Monument. I had no idea what to expect here and it was breathtaking. The guys thought they needed to check out Bob’s car again just for the fun of it.

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Anthony left us right after our visit to White Sands while we were in Alamogordo NM. It was really great to see him even if for just a few days. Upon leaving Alamogordo, we got a brief view of the World’s Largest Pistachio as we made our way through the mountains towards Artesia NM. Artesia is the home of several huge street sculptures that are truly something to see.
world__s_largest_pistachio_by_universa13 dsc_0118 dsc_0108
We reached our destination for the day in Abilene Texas where we joined up with more folks including Doc Jones from Marlow OK, Bob Wirth from Shawnee OK, and John & Shirley Bethel from Abilene. John treated everybody to some great BBQ then we were invited to their ’56 Heaven for an old fashion Social.
img_6417 dsc01659 dsc01658 dsc01645 dsc01655 dsc01662
From Abilene our destination was Natchitoches (pronounced Nack-A-Tich) LA to stay for a few days and enjoy Louisiana’s oldest city. Along the way, we needed a bit of re-fueling.
img_6429 14516403_1105431439564054_3709835157420647859_n 14495236_1105431489564049_2144454916177768746_n 14470476_1105431429564055_8044830070626379738_n img_6431 dsc01664
Natchitoches was a beautiful community that was rich in history. Plantations dot the landscape and we were able to take some tours including a guided trolley tour of the city that included the inside of the tour guides own historical house.
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The town of Natchitoches itself was beautiful with some real interesting spots along the main street.
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All of that was nice, but what about the car show? This two day event next to the Cane River Lake was really cool with over 500 vehicles attending. I was the winner of the Long Distance award which created one small issue… You really can’t win an award like that without driving your Hot Rod. I gave the award to the runner up. There was a Fish Fry on Friday night next to the river that everybody enjoyed. They even converted the bed of a pickup to a giant beer cooler.
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After several days in Natchitoches, it was on the road again to our final stop in Covington LA. Covington was chosen as a central spot for access to New Orleans, Cruisin’ the Gulf Coast, and a ton of historical places with food to match. We had an early lunch just before Baton Rouge before turning south down the Mississippi River to the Nottaway Plantation. This totally restored plantation contains the largest of all of the Southern Mansions at 53,000 square feet. This building was never damaged during the Civil War.
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The Nottaway was truly over the top so needing a bit of contrast in life, we took to the Mississippi River Road north to the PLAQUEMINE-SUNSHINE FERRY CROSSING where we hitched a ride across the river. Since this was a Sunday, they waived the $1 fee.
dsc_0299 dsc_0298 dsc_0294 dsc01985 dsc01983 ferry
Once we arrived at Covington, everybody did their own thing as we broke up into smaller groups, finding old friends, family and new tourist spots. We covered lots of ground.
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Since our ultimate destination was Cruisin’ the Gulf Coast we figured that we needed to check it out. The rest of the trip was so much fun, we almost forgot about this. Will & Lynette, Chuck & Shirley, Chris & Christine, and Brad & Shirley jumped in our rides and went to see what it was all about. As expected, we found tons of cars and a beautiful coastline, and our old friend Pat Ford.
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Sadly, it was time to part ways with a few who had plans other than going home. Bob & Geri, Doc, Brad & Shirley, and Bill all took off in their own directions leaving the rest of us to find our own way home.

The return trip was to be faster but there was still one great stop we made at Avery Island… home of Tabasco.
14611069_1112580592182472_1315428155991015539_n bottles dsc02147 img_6632 img_6628 dsc02128 dsc02126 14595700_1112580648849133_6253852352388854008_n dsc02138
John & Shirley left the next morning heading towards home, but there was some talk of visiting a casino on the way.
Next was an evening stay in San Antonio but on the way, we stopped in Beaumont Texas to visit the Fire Museum of Texas which is the home to the World’s Largest Fire Hydrant. This thing can flow over 1,500 gallons per minute. This leg of the trip included a short stop at AutoZone to get a new starter solenoid for Will. Interesting houses along the way.
14485056_1113251755448689_5273565829874529238_n dsc02159 dsc02169 14523248_1113251845448680_4963913487521151254_n img_6690 img_6665
The next day was a but faster passed as the roads of West Texas boast a liberal speed limit. Will fell behind a bit but managed to play catch up somehow. A stop in Fort Stockton for gas, lunch, and a fast viewing of the World’s Largest Roadrunner before dinner at the El Capitan in Van Horn Texas.
14632867_1114247502015781_4575373202016682729_n 14522931_1114126532027878_8136160833978684868_n dsc02180 img_6707 dsc02194 dsc02187 dsc02189 dsc02182 dsc02208 img_6732 img_6722 14606503_1114626635311201_3889622965661019578_n
The next day would be our last together on the road. West towards El Paso with the final destination Tucson. Just one more stop on the way however at the Continental Divide Trading Post. Christine & Shirley went shopping at Mom & Pop’s Pyro Shop.
14650364_1115232818583916_6490295568865215653_n img_6756 img_6753 img_6754 img_6764 img_6779

We had a blast on this trip but getting home sure felt good. Thanks to everybody for such great company. We have great sunsets in California too.


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