New 56 Project – Continues

There are many benefits belonging to a club like Pickups Limited. One is access to parts from other members and sometimes projects others can’t finish. Recently, club members Bill and Jack made a deal and Jack now has a orginial 56 project. With the metal in pretty good shape Jack is hoping to have his 56 project rolling down the road sometime soon . Jack’s goal is to get the original motor and transmission going and put her back together and drive it without a lot of bling added.

This post will get updated as Jack’s progress continues for now here are a few pictures of the truck coming home and the engine inspection to find out why the engine didn’t turn. The Y-block was rebuilt years ago but never fired up.  If you look at the 2 pictures of the rod bearings you will see what looks to be  cork gasket material  stuck to the bearing inserts. To be continued

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