After several months of working with the “GOO” that was oozing from my headliner, doors, rear of cab and other areas, I finally figured it was time to address things.

DSC02512My problems began with a bad batch of foil backed sound deadener from a major company that started to run and ooze all over the place. BY THE WAY, THE COMPANY WAS EASTWOOD AND THEY TOTALLY TOOK CARE OF ME (see the July 2015 issue of Street Rodder Magazine for more details on that).

IMG_2288IMG_2353IMG_2286IMG_2352IMG_2285Anyway, everything will be OK once all of the old interior is removed including the glue down areas from the carpet. what a job, what a pain in the rear.

IMG_2289IMG_2354IMG_2389Everything is coming down to bare metal. That means removing the Eastwood product and carpeting, two layers of Lizard Skin, paint, primer, and assorted areas of POR-15 to bring everything back to bare metal. During the process, over 60 assorted holes have been uncovered and need to be welded up. That’s what it takes to bring something 60 years old back to it’s youth. I just wish it was that easy for me to get myself restored.