Garage Session

It was a nice afternoon at Dale Beverley’s garage with Steve Nagamatsu and myself. After a bite to eat and sharing stories of past and current project’s. We were in work mode moving items around to make some room for Dale’s 56 cab’s. We turned a few wrenches removing the wiper motor and hood hinges on one cab. Pushed her into place after carefully measuring if she would fit, I won, it wouldn’t fit so the alternate spot was her new home.  We then turned our focus to the one of three custom frames Dale and buddy Don Warner have been working on. Since Dales’s retirement he’s been in busy mode to get trucks built. Their Friday night sessions are now all day for Dale. Much has been done. So far, it will have LS engine with T-56 Magnum 6 speed trans & Jag rearend.  This is the 3rd of 3 frames Dale has worked on with former PUL member, Don Warner.

Our conversations moved us from one house to another where more projects and stories were shared. Our day ended I believe with a higher commitment to continue our time together. Next garage session will be at Steve’s to help him with his build.