Cruisin’ For A Cure 2016

Another one is in the “can”, as they say. The 17th annual Crusin’ For A Cure is another fond memory. And what a show it was. It was well attended by Pickups Limited and friends. Dan Cangro debuted his black on black ’56 beauty sporting a new motor with a blower to boost the anti. What a beautiful truck.


Debbie Baker really knows how to throw a party. CFAC is the largest one day car show in the United States. Pickups Limited is proud to be a part of this show and the reason for it’s existence. Testing and prostrate cancer research. Where else can a guy get tested for free? Thank you Debbie for your tireless efforts. Pickups Limited once again stepped up with a generous donation to the “Cause”.


Rich Miller was invited to show off his outrageous ’56 in the coveted “Hanger”. Rich’s truck is a racing fuel glutton. Wonder if he had to bring extra fuel to be able to drive it both ways from Yorba Linda? Rich?


Some of the guys suffering from a food coma after Rick’s over the top offerings for lunch. BBQ’d chicken, potato salad, Cole slaw, corn bread, unbelievable baked beans and brownies with some ‘ooey gooey sweetness stuffed in the middle. Rick, you’re the best!


This is reason for the show. Survivors, including some of our own members and friends. See y’all next year.



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