Busy 3 Day Weekend


Things are moving right a long since I  finished with the paint. I started early Saturday morning on finishing some small details on some of the parts and then took down the plastic that was up protecting things from over spray in the garage, it was up for about a year. Took everything out of the garage and cleaned things up. That sure felt good and my wife was happy!!.

My goal this weekend was to get the rear fenders on, tail gate and  bed wood done finishing with the  front fenders by Monday night. So during the week I can start on the cab insulation and install the carpet, mount the seat then move onto the doors by next weekend and have the glass back in.



Finished the day with the alignment of the hood and fenders.

Updated pics of thr carpet kit done. $150 of Amazon. Made by Stock Interiors for the 53-56. Goes up to the vent on the firewall all the way back. With the molded piece for your foot heel.