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  1. avatarRandy Sutton

    My name is Randy Sutton. In 1999 my 53 F-100 won best 53 and top ten at north south run. I was wondering if anyone has photos. Most of my photos were lost recently. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    1. avatarRandy Sutton

      My name is Randy Sutton My 1953 F-100 won best 53 and top 10 at 1999 north south run. My photos were lost. does anyone have any. My email is 580-229-0445

  2. avatarRich and Randi Miller

    October 21, 2015 is the day I have designated for a trip to apple country with all our PU LTD group. 9:00 meet at Tom’s on La Palma. Let us know if you want to go so we will wait for you that morning.

  3. avatarChris Travers

    SUNDAY OCTOBER 25th 2015 – Early Times Swap Meet & Breakfast 6:00am – 1:00pm – Free

    Early Times is one of the oldest clubs in the Long Beach Area. A few years ago they started up their long lasting annual Swap Meet and Pancake Breakfast. Besides being a nice little get together on a Sunday morning, this event is hosted by PRICE TRANSFER, Home of one of the most outrageous collections around. DON’T MISS THIS!

    Parking is limited for show cars only. Everybody else parks out front.

    1. avatarRich and Randi Miller

      Hi Chris Talked with Christine yesterday and told her about our planned trip to apple country on 10-21-15 @ 9:00 meeting at Tom’s. I was hoping that you might have a free day from work. I have tried calling others and leaving notes on some of these sites. Let me know if you two coming is a possibility. Take care. R&R

  4. avatarJohn

    My name is John and am in need of an early 50’s Ford pickup for some engagement photos on September 26th. We are doing a Ford vs. Chevy theme and was wondering if anyone would be willing to help out.

    Thank you.

  5. avatarMichael

    Good result: Now installed is a 3.10 3rd member; the cleaned/painted and original-to-the-truck 3.70 quickly sold. The truck,with 3-on-the-tree is now ‘happy’ at freeway speeds but registered only 50mph, compared to 65mph on the portable Garmin GPS. Hours and hours of searching showed no simple speedo driven gear with less that 19 teeth are available in this design. I learned that identical part numbers and description refer to two quite different driven gears, the most commonly found for top loaders.

    The avenue to an accurate speedometer was via a mechanical correction box, inserted in the cable. Shops that can provide the,number just two in SoCal, I found. Despite some delays due to old-guy medical issues,my road ran through Rick, at United Speedometer in Riverside. A pleasant man, now operating a neat, clean small facility inside a rather non-descript shop behind his house.

    After picking up the new ($105) cable/box assembly, connecting and anchoring it in the truck, I found the speedo was 2mpg faster than the GPS at 60mph.

    To quote Fonzie, “Perfectomundo!”

  6. avatarMichael

    I seek a 3.0+/- open 9″ 3rd member hopefully in trade for the 3.70 currently installed.

    I cannot start a new thread, despite the WordPress directions to do so thru the dashboard. perhaps this is also security?

  7. avatarMichael

    Despite the teasing, I solved the horn contact(parts non-existent) problem and the ’57 has a horn working properly and ‘stock’. The dowel as insulator works great, as I could find no Bakelite washers.

  8. avatarMichael

    Wish we could edit or delete our posts.

    That said, does anyone know of a good replacement Ford 9″ rear unit to change the ’57’s ratio to well below 4:1? I seek an easy, not-too-pricey change. The existing needs a pinion seal anyway.

    1. avatarChris Travers

      Yes it is true that you cannot edit your comments. That’s part of our security system such as it is. There are 4 of us total that have that ability. On a daily basis we trash 5-10 posts that are not suitable subject matter for our site. If you have something that needs changing, just let me know and I will take care of it when I can.

      1. avatarDale (Post author)

        You should be able to edit and post comments, you must be signed in with your account and password first.

  9. avatarMichael

    Thanks, Glenn. Good read. The valve cover is not stock for this I6, so a store visit was demanded for proper fitment of an oil filler cap for a rather large opening. The helpful counter guy at the truck/car shop pulled 4-5 from the shelves and we found a decent fit; a cap that filters air. It was suggested that the leakage from the dipstick resulted from an unvented crankcase, so this is step one. I expect to use this cap as a filtered air intake, simplifying and accelerating the whole project. I do have a fat-fendered truck to complete!

    When I first removed the valve cover for valve adjustment, I was surprised to see the amount of condensation-based crud,as the oil was like-new clean. This pushed me towards the PCV system.

    I saw some draft tube plugs and filters,but no kits, as with your efforts. Next is to pull that tube for exact size, or modification for a PVC line (that is, after seat belts are installed).

  10. avatarGlenn

    Back in “The Day”, PCV additions were supplied in kits for a retro fit on cars that never had them. If you can find one, that should be the easiest way since all the hardware should work. That is if you can find one. I did an internet quick search and didn’t see any.

    Here’s link on how the system works. From the info there something could be made. The thing with the retro kits is they had the hose fitting that attached to the air filter and a rubber plug that was used in the road draft tube. Everything else is off the shelf stuff.

    1. avatarGlenn

      This is the Edelebrock fitting for the air cleaner. #1205 It’s available at various places including Summit Racing for under $8. The rest is EZ.

      Aft??? some kind of aero or nautical term? I have a hard time with those college words. :)

      Call me if you have any questions. I’ll be on the port side if the ship. The right side scares me.

    2. avatarBob Quinn

      Hey Glen, did you have any success finding PVC kits?

      Bob Quinn

  11. avatarMichael

    Unknown If this is where to ask a Q.

    What’s an easy way to add a PCV setup to a 1957 233 cid inline 6? It has a downtube drivers side, aft block, the twist-in oil filler plus one squarish hole aft valve cover, rear.

    Seems there is an adapter bolt-on for the breather 9 tho some invert it and weld an adapter to fit the PCV valve hose, pulling air in via a oil filler cap with hose to the air cleaner.

    I know y’all mostly have big V-8s, but someone knows how.

    1. avatarMichael

      After some online research, I decided to employ a filtered oil fill hole breather, then possibly replace the down-pipe plug with an adapter to a PCV-valved line to an intake port; probably the one that ran the wiper motor.


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