All Chapters Annual Picnic 2017

Each year the all chapters of Pickups Limited come together to celebrate another year. We all spent time catching up with old friends and making new ones. It all started in March 22, 1986   Lake Perris and has continued to this day. It was a very nice day at Tri-City Regional Park in Placentia, the last time we were here for our picnic was in the 1997 & 1999.

Here are the dates of the past All Chapters Picnic provided by Gary Ewing. – First one March 22, 1986   Lake Perris, March 15, 1987   Lake Perris, July 15, 1990   Huntington Beach, May 19, 1991   Glen Helen,  July 12, 1992   Huntington Beach, July 17, 1994   Huntington Beach, July 30, 1995   Huntington Beach, July 21, 1996   Rancho Jurupa Park, June 29, 1997  Tri-City Park, May 23 1999   Tri-City Park, Jan 27 2002   All Chapter picnics now became a Bowling Challenge, October 2013, 2014, 2015, Bobco, March 11, 2017   Tri-City Park. There were 150 trucks in 1994,  100 trucks in 1995,  172 trucks in 1996

The National Council President Rich Miller did a nice job organizing the event, and a special “Thank You” to all who helped before, during and after the picnic on making this years a very successful and enjoyable time for all. The Taco’s were fantastic and there were plenty of goodies to keep your sweet tooth happy. Until next year, “Keep On Truckin'”



(Park History)








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