46th North/South Run August 19-21, 2016

The 46th Annual North South Run August 19-21, 2016


On Thursday morning a group of Orange County members met for the Annual pilgrimage to an agreed upon location for the 46th Annual North South Event. Chosen by both the F-100 Elite clubs of the North,  and Pickups Limited of the South, this year the event moved down to Santa Maria.  More specifically, at  the Santa Maria Inn, which has previously hosted the event several times in the past.  The last being about 16 or 17 years ago.  Those members included Bill and Andrea Crisel, Larry Lopez and traveling companion Rhonda, Jack and Patty Wear, Dale and Gloria Beverley, Rudy Weber,  Frank and Erika Reyes, and Don and Denise Warner.  The last two couples mentioned returned to this event with an absence of over 20 years.

Our rendezvous was planned in Oxnard, with some of us planning to take the #1 (PCH Highway) to Oxnard to meet with those coming from further inland. Unfortunately with a spilled gravel truck blocking all lanes of PCH near Malibu, our alternate path became the 405 to the 101.  Just as the group merged from the 405 to the 101 Jack and Patty’s panel died completely blocking one of the merging lanes. Fortunately a CHP officer soon came to the rescue and Triple AAA hauled their panel home.  Not to be left out of the fun, Jack returned that night with his other pickup truck.  Continuing on North the remaining members converged at Anderson’s in Buelton for some good eating and then finished the trip to Santa Maria.







Friday morning we met at 8:30 in front of the Santa Maria Inn to join in on the Friday “Mystery Cruise”. We visited two local street rod shops in the area, then ended up at one the most gorgeous locations we ever had the opportunity to park our trucks at. That being the home of J.D. Humann Landscaping. After an outstanding Bar-B-Que Tri-tip lunch we departed back to the hotel then met up for dinner later at the Cruise Night at Happy Daze Diner, where we finished the evening.





Saturday morning even with a little drizzle coming down trucks were cleaned up for the Show-n-Shine. With all kinds of places to eat easy accessed from the hotel we all ate our choices for breakfast and lunch. Trucks were judged and most of us entered the Hot Wheels Race hosted by the North/South committee. We were also able to purchase F-100 parts from Mid Fifties who also attended and helped to host the event. Many good raffle prizes were offered during the day with the main prizes to be chosen that night at the Dinner at the hotel.


Saturday evening we met up and enjoyed a well prepared meal at one of Santa Maria Inn’s Banquet Rooms. Our group was well represented for prizes and awards that night. Unfortunately Jack and Patty Wear received the Hard Luck Award from the South. Frank and Erika won one of the main prizes which was a LED Television Set at the Raffle. Bill and Andrea, Rudy, and Jack and Patty all won Top 25 awards as well from the Show-n-Shine. A successful evening indeed!

Sunday we headed home and we later learned that the show will be held next year at the same venue. We all agreed that because we had such a great time at this year’s event, we will plan on attending it again next year. This was one of the best North South Runs ever and we thanked Jim Moore our representative from the South, as well as Randy and Bruce Ledbetter of the North for their good planning.


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