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50 Years Of Memories 1968 – 2018 Celebrate with us next year at the F100 Western Nationals


A Little More About Pickups Limited of Southern California

Lee Hill's Story The following story is told by Pickups Limited member Lee Hill, who was the last of the original members to leave his active member status with Pickups Limited Orange County in September 1998. He moved to Arkansas for retirement. Read More


  1. avatarRick and Jeannine Shook

    We were members in 1971 for about 5 or 6 years. ORANGE County chapter. Some great memories are shared quite frequently. Norm Grabowski’s buffalo burger cookout was a highlight. Also the night on the Queen Mary, campout in Palm Springs at Lake Coujilla, an evening on a sailing ship for a private party. Visalia weekend car show, finding Bob Busics driveshaft in the pool at the Travel Lodge. Oh gosh….we had fun! Keep in truckin!
    We are now in Greenville, SC

    1. avatarRandi Miller

      It’s so nice to hear from you and share some of those good memories. We are looking forward to the 2018 Western Nationals celebrating the Club’s 50th anniversary. Maybe you could join us in Southern California for the show and a vacation. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Randi Miller

  2. avatarLonnie L. "Mike" Smith

    Just wanted to drop you folks a line and tell you I was a member, in the 60-70’s, of the San Bernardino County Chapter. (we always met in Upland-Ontario area off of Valley Blvd.
    My days go back to the Little Bros, Billie Franks (Body-Painter) days. I competed @ the drag strip (Pomona Fairground in 1975 (W.W. of Sports). I had a 55 Ford two-tone Silver-Gray with a 1957, J2 Olds Engine & B&M Olds 4 speed Hydro; hooking up to a Pontiac Daytona 391 Axle. Let me tell you it Hauled the Bacon. CHP once clocked me on I-10 around 126 then pulled me over. A fine and schooling, I was back at it.
    I now live in Moncks Corner, SC 29461 and still play with old cars, never will grow up, no profit in it? Keep on Trucking Folks and be Safe? Mike Smith 843-761-7333

    1. avatarRandi Miller

      Hi Mike. Sounds like you would have enjoyed joining us at the car show this last Saturday. Keep in mind that next year we will be celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the Club at the Western National Show in Southern California. Maybe a vacation down this way? Glad to hear you’re on this site. Hope you’re enjoying it!
      Rich and Randi Miller

  3. avatarRandi Miller

    The pictures from earlier years are very nice to see. Who ever took the time and effort to put them together….thanks. Good job. I wish each picture would be on a couple more seconds.

  4. avatarRandi Miller

    The site looks great!! Up to date and full of interesting info. I’m having a hard time seeing the complete photos, but the banner at the bottom is very instructive. I can tell a lot of work went into this!

  5. avatarRich and Randi Miller

    I really enjoyed all the great picture slide show! Brings to mind all our loved members that we’ve lost. Edith, Cathy, Jacquie, Karen, Jeff, Rick. As long as people remember them, they’re never truly gone. Have a wonderful healthy happy New Year!!!!


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